Saturday, May 31, 2008

Page 1 Inking Draft

Alrighty, here's the inked version of those pg 1 pencils I put up earlier. It kind of a rough draft since I have quite a bit of photoshop editing to do on it. I have to finish some tones here and there, adjust some of the line weights, and make that foliage look a little better.

All the others are done as well, but as a said before, I'd like to keep the rest of the story a surprise for anyone buying the book. You can see last years edition of the anthology I'm submitting this to here.

Monday, May 5, 2008

GLA Continued

Didn't have room for last page (in last post).

George Liquor, American!

Now that I've started this blog, there's no further excuse not try out some of John K's exercises and find out where I really stand. Here's my first foray into the John K school of cartooning:

George Liquor!

These first pics are my final drawings overladed with the originals to compare accuracy. The rest are all the full edited pages with the final sketches and the initial, somewhat failed sketches. As you see, even the finals aren't quite spot on. I may just keep working with these before I attempt the more specific expressions posted on John's blog.


Well here's a sample from that sequential project I've been talking about. It's a short story loosely based around the legend of Coatilicue, the Aztec serpent goddess. I'm doing it for "Inkased", an annual anthology book comprised of SCAD student work. Since my entry will only be about four pages, I'll only post a sample of first page rather than my original intention of two. I'd have also liked to post all my thumbnails and sketches, but I only have those for pages 2-4. I don't want to ruin anything, so I'll post them up after the book comes out later this year.