Friday, September 26, 2014

New For The Wii U Gamepad!

I'm happy to announce that a game I (Empty Jar Productions LLC) produced art for, will be available for Wii U Gamepad on Oct. 2!
"Red Riding Hood" by Brave Rock Games is an enchanting visual novel based upon the classic fairy-tale. Explore branching paths, experience multiple endings, and expect to be delighted!
Check out the official listing on!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Part-Time Shuffle, Full-Time Grind!

Steady raindrops kiss siring hot pavement. The scent of burning memories pierce the night air. A haunting voice beckons a weary soul. Dazed and soaking wet, she grips her weapon tighter with each step. There, within the inferno, a familiar smile. An eager blade yearns for soft flesh.

Get in your stride and enjoy the ride.

Ready your body for Part-Time Shuffle!

Art/Design – James Stanley
Colors – Leonardo Bruno

Brain-child of comic artist James Stanley, Part-Time Shuffle is a slick mix of grindhouse glamour and samurai swordplay. An action/adventure comic with Japanese style and hip-hop swagger. It is the story of Meiko Schultz, owner of a quaint hobby shop left to her by her parents. When Meiko finds herself in a financial crunch, she grabs a little part-me work…….. as a Yakuza assassin!

However, her dept will be the least of her worries. The seedy world of professional killing bears bitter fruit.

I was fortunate to receive an “early-screening” of Episode 00: Reasons, the debut issue. It’s an excellent taste of whats to come in subsequent installments, as Meiko’s saga ignites.

Readers can drop right into this universe with ease. The narrative’s unique and original, yet has a nostalgic familiarity. A pastiche of cultural and cinematic elements mixed better than a martini.

With ultra crisp art and cornea-punching colors, you get a visual treat to feast upon like a wolf on speed. However, this comic also has the distinction of being more than just an illustrated book. It’s an experience. Each episode comes with an accompanying soundtrack listing so that readers may truly feel the rhythm of chaos unfolding. You don’t just read Part-Time Shuffle, you groove to it!

Thirsty? Want more? Can’t wait to grab a copy? Well, you’ll get your chance soon enough at the Society of Illustrators’ MoCCA Arts Festival 2014 on April 5-6 at 128 East 63rd Street, NYC.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A New Year, Another Tomorrow

Greetings ladies and germs. 2014 is upon us and the new year is bursting with possibility! Good things are on the horizon and one of which is a new animated short known as “Another Tomorrow.”

Written and directed by Antonio Aquilino Medina, Another Tomorrow is a dark comedy with a splash of horror. It’s a story that aims to tingle your spine while tickling your funny bone! Magic hands people. The tale is as follows…

Every month a village must make a terrible choice. To ensure their safety, it randomly chooses one of its own to appease the insatiable hunger of a monster. When a child refuses to be the latest sacrifice, it threatens the future of the entire village.

As a member of the production team, I’ll be providing character art and 2D animation. One of characters I’ll be handling is this little guy. “Darius the Ghost.” (Kinda sounds like one of the Gung-Ho Guns)
With a trailer coming down the pike, you’ll soon be able to help this project grow on Kickstarter! For more info, check out the website here.