Saturday, February 28, 2009

80's Hero, almost Mario, ATV Racer.......Guy.

This is a character concept for an ATV racing game for the DS. We eventually found out that the game is supposed to be more realistic, so this won't be used for anything.

For anyone who doesn't know, I work for Anthem Groups, which is actually two separate companies. Anthem Game Group is video game development company and Anthem Game Groups handles web development.

Grand Return Part II

Here's the inked version. I did some traditional inking first, then touched it up digitally.

Grand Return

Wow. No Update in over a month. Well that's four (maybe more deadlines missed). In all fairness I have been busy, but never-the-less I've got to get caught up. Soooo, lets get things rolling with four weeks worth of post material! It's all pretty much stuff I did for work.

Here's the sketch of a logo I did for Guard Doc, an online database for important family documents.

...or something like that.