Tuesday, April 22, 2008

3,3,3 deaths in one!

It's been five days since "Deadly Desire's" debut and I'm still excited about it. Seeing a film I made on a big screen along with other filmmakers was a unique experience. The coolest thing about it was the triple screening.

I have no idea what happened. It may have had something to do with the format I submitted (a burnt DVD). Burnt DVD's are usually set to repeat, but I'm still not sure why they let it. Maybe they repeated it because it was so short, or maybe the person in charge of screening just kinda lets the movies play til they stop (without really watching). In any case, everyone thought that it was intentional. It wound up being funnier each time. It was very validating to know I have an audience.

As a side note: I found it oddly appropriate that it repeated. It reminded me of the ending to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". I'll explain that in another post. To those of you who saw that movie and understood the ending, you may get what I mean already. Just in case, I'll break it down.

It was also interesting to see my mother's reaction to the whole scene. She seemed a bit taken back by whole the "artsy" atmosphere of the place and even more so by their joy of watching a turtle die gruesome death. She described them as tortured human beings who've probably been locked in a closet their whole lives.

Hmmm, sounds about right. hehehe

What seemed to shock her even more where some rather off-the-cuff remarks I made during the Q&A following the screenings. These remarks specifically regard to, "evolution" and "my lack of experience with happy endings."

I think a detailed explanation is best saved for tomorrow. I anticipate a very long article.

One last thing. I've always found it interesting seeing people who've known me my whole life truly meeting ME for the first time. They always seem disturbed. LOL!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

You Lose

Last month, Udon held a contest for their StreetFighter Tribute artbook. They were accepting fan art of Street Fighter characters to fill the 163 pages of the book. I submitted a watercolor piece of Q, from Street Fighter 3. It wasn't selected, but at least I got some painting practice out of it.

Sketches from previous postings

Monday, April 7, 2008

This may be extremely roundabout but,....

This is gonna seem redudant to anyone who may have found this blog via the youtube page. Never-the-less, here's the link to "Deadly Desire", my senior film from SCAD (2007 Alumni). My film will appear in the Atlanta Film Festival's Animation Extravaganza. It may be a year before I make another short so I gotta promote the hell out of this one.


Full Size Pix

Hmm. For some reason I wasn't able to link those thumnails to the full-size versions. Lets see if this works.

New Blogger in town.

And so it begins. This is the start of what I intend to be a record of any and all of my artistic endeavers. A place where I post sequential art, random sketches, production art for various projects, and whatever else I may desire to post.

I can't make a website to save my life, so this'll pretty much be where I post any new work. If you visit my webapge via the link on this blog, keep in mind that most of that work is a few years old. (The resume on the site isn't even up to date. Here's the latest one.) http://studentpages.scad.edu/~dahill21/resume/Resumecover92.pdf

Sooooooo. To kick things off here're two recent works not found on the site.