Friday, July 24, 2009

What's a Fashionista?

One of the projects we've had going on at work is a mobile "Don't forget the Lyrics" game. It's a karaoke style game...........for the phone. Rather than singing, you hit scrolling words with a bouncing ball.


Let the record show that we didn't come up with the idea. Anthem's a graphics outsourcing company. We produce assets for whatever falls in our lap.

I had to paint the texture for a Wayne Brady model, as well as do some backup singer silhouettes. Apparently they're there to help you with certain genres of songs, giving you hints and the such.

A punk rocker for rock.

A cowboy for country.

And a b-boy for rap.

I was originally only supposed to do three with some one else doing another set of three. Only two of them where produced before that artist had to go out of town, so I had to do one more.

A fashionista for help with Pop songs.

Now I actually had to go on Urban to find out what the devil that is. It seems to be....

"A person devoted to fashion clothing, particularily unique or high fashion"

So I pretty much just had to do a silhouette of a fashionable woman of some sort. I guess the name fashionista is pretty self-explanatory.

Anyways, enough with this boring anecdote. What I really wanted to do is present my process of producing her silhouette. I think I managed to do some interesting layering with the underdrawings.

Changed my mind on the leg position at the last minute.

Doing the face wasn't necessary, but I couldn't resist. The sketch just didn't feel complete without a face. Wow, I just noticed that I drew the eyes below the eyeline. I do have a habit of sketching a head in one perspective and the face in another.

You know, it's starting to look really weird that her arms/shoulders are pointing to the right, her head to the left, and her waist to the front. Damn. The more I look at this, the more mistakes I notice.

I was actually somewhat proud of this drawing too. *sigh* Me and my hubris. I'll never learn.

In this final pass, everything's been smoothed out and defined. Of course, what I delivered at work didn't have the bg and gradient. I just through that in to jazz it up.

These where my references for the outfit and pose.

Doc the Last Guardian

Ah yes, the last Guard Doc pic is done.

Glazed Head

I began another painting pass over that Monster Hunter Contest entry. This time, I decided to try a different approach than previous pieces. I sought to be a bit more experimental with the coloring and not pit too much thought into it. The quick and rough technique of painting is something I'd like to delve into more often.

Ah, but wait. I still haven't explained what this whole contest was about have I?

Well, last month Capcom USA announced a "create-a-monster" contest where the winner would win a free copy of Monster Hunter 2 for PSP. As you can see via the link below.

If that link still works, you will notice that the contest was set to run until Monday, June 29th at 11:59pm. However, they already picked the winners a hell of a lot earlier than that. By 3:03p.m. they posted the winning entries. Needless to say, I was PISSED!

I never participated in a Capcom sponsored art contest before, but from what I've been told this has happened before.
I gotta tell ya. That whole situation makes me a bit wary of the "redesign Bayonetta" I heard about.

Just like all these contests I enter, the primary goal is to get another finished piece out of it. (Even thought that sloth/tortoise isn't done.) Still, I'd rather not have to contend with anymore bullshit.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I've been Linked!

Apparently, in a blog post about paperdoll, angry asian man linked to my Youtube upload of the video. Cool.