Saturday, May 2, 2009

Moar Guard Docs!

Oh Lawd! A post that's actually on time! New shtuff on Guard Doc.

In addition to the original logo,....


I have to complete four illustrations for the website. They have to be a series of pix involving elderly people enjoying an energetic and carefree lifestyle. Basically anything to take their mind off death. Each image will appear when upon entering the pages for search entire registry, search wills, search life insurance, and search advance healthcare directives.

This first one is for the wills page. Initially my plan was to do them in pencil first and touch them up in Photoshop, but I wound up doing so much Photoshop tinkering that I decided to do the rest all on the computer.

In the inked version, I had to change the dog's feet because they apparently looked too beast-like. I also needed to close the dog's eye's a bit more. I was told that the dog looked as if he where in the process of hauling the children away to the forest and eating them. I also had to make their grampa look a bit less creepy.

For myself, I changed the girl's face a bit. I think it looks better, but even now I still think that the kids could be drawn cuter.

This was the first colored version. The pix are supposed to have kinda of a children's book feel. I try out using a limited color scheme and off-setting the blocks of color. There're also some textures thrown in there to push that whole "printed" look.

In the end, the full-color version seemed to be the favorite.

This next one is for the life insurance page. It's also the first one in which I did the inking entirely in Photoshop. I did use a pencil sketch as a base though. I wound up changing orientation of the female jogger, as well as reversing her upper body.

I'll post the rest as soon as I finish.

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