Thursday, October 29, 2009

New Paperdoll Music Video

Given that this was finished over a week ago, this is kind of old news. Well, old to me, but new to anyone who follows this blog.

The NY band, Paperdoll has recently had a song of theirs ("If Nothing Happened") featured in a Dayquil commercial. To capitalize on the exposure, it was decided at the office to new an official music video for it. The last video was, of course, for the song "Anything At All."

We wanted to get the video done as soon as possible, so animating it was out of the question. After knocking around some concepts, we settled upon a video comprised exclusively of public domain footage.

It took three of us (including myself) roughly two days to rip enough clips from various dvd's. They all came from one of those cheap "50-pack"-type deals. After the footage was compiled and organized, I took the directorial duties and edited all the clips together myself. That took about another two days, but the total amount of hours added up to less than 24 hrs.

A high def version of the video can be seen here.

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