Friday, August 27, 2010

Parrot Me this, Parrot me that........

Here's yet another project from the Anthem graveyard. These mascot designs were for a language learning service of some sort called "Parrot Me."  In my initial approach, I referenced a lot of sports teams with birds for mascots.

This was the final result. However, it was brought to my attention that the character needed to be more cute, yet intelligent.

Not to mention, green.

At one point, the word "mature" was also thrown into the mix. Then someone jokingly said that I should reference Golgo 13, so I whipped up a did that did just that.

These are the last incarnations of the character, before the project imploded.  I went in more of an Einstein direction with these, hoping to capture that "cute & fun, yet wise & mature" aspect.  That also led me to reference Doremon, a character that fits that description to the tee.

What I took form Doremon, in this concept were his proportions and minimal attire.

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