Monday, September 17, 2012

Georgia Fall Game Jam 2012

This might be a bit gauche, but I can't quite come up with alternate text to describe this. So, I'll do the 'ol copy and paste from my pro blog

Last weekend at Southern Polytechnic State University , I took part in the Georgia Fall Game Jam 2012.  There, several development teams were challenged to create a fully functional video game within a span of 48 hours. Developers were also tasked to center their project around the theme "Eye of the Beholder." Interpretation of this theme was limited only by imagination.  14 games were created in all.
"Team Singularity", of which I was a member, crafted the game Paradigm Shift.
Paradigm Shift is a first-person puzzle-based game in which the player must alternate between duel points of view to navigate a space station in ruin.  Housed in the ship's cargo, is a mysterious alien artifact who's seized control of the ship, the crew, and even the player.  The alien infection grants the player with a "second sight", allowing them to see areas and objects hidden from normal view.

My contributions to the project included concept art (for the robot drones), textures, and the game's name/logo.
The game is available for download and play here.
Below is a bit of a recap of the event, shot by the organizers.

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