Friday, July 4, 2008

At long Last! A new post!

I've been in the process of renting an apartment, so I been preoccupied lately. I've signed the lease and everything, so by July 11th I should be moved in. Once that happens productivity should shoot up. I'll finally be alone to spent as much ungodly time on my personal projects as I want. That is, of course whenever I'm not working. By July 15th I'll be starting my full-time job as production artist at Anthem Design Group. So far I've only been contracting for them (sprite work, animating, low-poly modeling, and a little illustrating). I'll be doing more of the same, plus learning a little programing.

Now, without further ado, here's that revised 1st page of that Aztec comic I promised. I'll be letting you know whenever the anthology book is available.

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  1. As a side-note, I'd still like to do something about those tangents in the first panel. Two of the reptilian warriors are running into the top panel border.