Monday, July 21, 2008

Status Update

As of now, I have officially begun work as a full-time employee at Anthem Design Group. I'm actually writing this at work right now. It's the first day, so not much is going on. My apartment is also fully set up (sans a couch).

I don't know when exactly Inkased will go in sale, but as soon as it does, I'll post the roughs from my Aztec comic. As usual, I actually like most aspects of the roughs better than the final product.

I'm planning to do some lip-synch animation on my own time. I came across some (English) Dragonball voice samples of Emperor Pilaf and Shao. I also have the English and Japanese voice collections from Dragonball GT: Final Bout. I don't know exactly which I want to do yet. I'll post any sketches here.

And BTW, The Dark Knight was indeed a pretty good movie.

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