Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tempest Ballad: Mage Part II

HOLY HELL!!! Almost a month has gone by without a post! I guess my New Year's resolution should be keeping to my own schedule. Also, I'm just about out of old artwork to post, so I gotta get crackin' on some new stuff. I really have to make time outside of work for my own projects.

Well here's the rest of the mage concepts I have for now (execpt for the rest of those photo collages). Did I call him a mage before? Hmm, well in any case, now you know what it is. I really don't know how specific I can get with this without letting to many cats out of the bag.

As with the previous character, these designs are still EXTREMELY rough. They're kinda in the ballpark though.

After this post you'll get a special treat. I've been planning to write an in depth analysis of how "Deadly Desire" reflected my world view of that time versus my current one.

In a nutshell, I used to be a "glass is half empty" person who fostered a backup belief that "the glass is half full." An event that transpiered in my life early December stripped me of both those world views. I now believe that the glass has no inherent nature and that pondering such is pointless. It is nothing more than a glass of water.

I smell another controversial post coming. hehehe

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