Monday, August 17, 2009

Blast from the Past Pt. 2/ Monster Monday

In this installment of blast from the past, I present to you a monster I drew six years ago in my 1st year of college. For some reason it possessed me to draw some monsters in my 2D Design sketchbook. One of which was this thing.

I don't know what exactly I was going for. It like a wingless griffin with a gorilla torso, donkey ears, and a unicorn horn. Well whatever it is, I chose it to begin a series of illustrations in which I take and old drawing/concept and update it.

It's also my first entry for Weigy's Monster Monday.

I'm too lazy to link directly to whatever his latest installment is.

The 3-month old pic below was my very first attempt.

These next two, I did today. Orginally, I wanted to keep the pose relatively the same for compare/contrast purposes. In the end I just couldn't resist giving it something better.

This one's the closest to the final. I just have to clean up the lines a bit. Notice my creative usage of watermarks? hehe

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