Saturday, December 6, 2008

Back from a long absence

My, my. It has been a while hasn't it.

Well, I've returned and this time with a definitive schedule. Since work keeps me working pretty long hours during the week, I've decided to start doing weekend posts. Every Saturday sounds pretty good. I'll be posting some of the stuff I've been doing at work (the stuff I CAN show). In addition I'm committing myself to working on some personal projects that have been in the queue for a while now. Most of these are series' of concept work that I've been wanting to do, but there's still the matter of that lip-synch animation I mentioned in the last post. I'd have to use the cintiq at the office If I wanted to get that started.

There's also a post I've been working on has to do with some common themes I've noticed here and there regarding "A hero's journey". Often times I see stories in which a protagonist must face a rival, face himself, face his antithesis, and finally face his ultimate nemesis. There're also the matter of color association. The hero is usually blue, the rival red, and the antithesis black. I talk about this in depth later.

As usual the posts are gonna be pretty broad: works stuff, personal stuff, casual sketches, or just a topic I feel like addressing. The first the thing I'm putting up are some of the work I did for the Paperdoll music video. We at Anthem Groups have been working on that for awhile, but other projects have sucked up a lot of time. All that's really left to do is compositing and as soon as thats done, the video will be online.

Here's a link to Paperdoll's website just for a frame of reference.

On the project, I was an animater and lead character desginer.

The music video is aquatic-themed with all the band members being represented as fish. There's also a lot of fun archtypes in the video, which you'll see shortly.

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