Saturday, December 6, 2008

Punks, Rastas, and Disco Anglers!

First up in our little aquatic adventure is the Blade Runner Replicant Fish. This unfortunate creature was "retired" before making the final cut.

Next up is the Hot Topic blow fish. Unlike the previous fish, this little guy will be appearing in the music video. His final incarnation is in the first image at the lower right-hand corner.

Back fresh from the 80's is the Punk Fish whose final form can be seen in the center of the 2nd image.

Ah, the mellow Rastapus. His final design is the iamge in the top right-hand corner of the 3rd page. I personally think the one one the left-hand side was a little more fun.

Oh, one of the band members has arrived! It's Seahorse Patrick, the guitarist.

Appearing next is Jack Fish, the bass player. For this guy I worked off a preexisting design (seen at the top left) and edited it a bit. I also got to animate this one. For compositing purposes, I had to put blank space at the end of the animation.

These are all in Flash btw. I'd take a good ol' paper and pencil anyday, but whatever.

Slap dat bass hard!!!

Back from Scarborough Fair is the groovy 60's Cuttlefish. Her animation had to be rushed a little to meet a deadline.

As we descend deeper into ocean, we at last reach the bottom. Here we find some of the more
"interesting' creatures. Finally venturing out of his den of despair is the Emo Eel. Can the sun ever shine in the murky depths? Can a heavy soul ever escape the grasp of the abyss?

The Idle animation is the only one that I didn't clean-up and color.

Our final entcounter is with the Disco Angerfish. Upon further study, the Disco Angler appears to bare a strong resempance to Gunther.

He's got that creepy 70's porn star vibe to 'em.

Oooooo, you touch my twa la la!

And so end the first of a long line of postings.

Tune in next week. Same Bat-time. Same Bat-channel.

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